Columbus, Ohio Commercial Window Cleaning Service

Hospitals & Health Care Facilities, Hotels, Schools & Universities, Public Buildings

Hospitals & Health Care Facility Window Cleaners

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Hospitals, Medical Buildings, Extended Care, Nursing Homes, Health Care Facilities

We pride ourselves on being able to provide the extra care needed when cleaning windows at hospitals & health care facilities. Hand in hand with the ability to clean a window needs to be understanding of the needs of the occupants of the facility and the health care providers.

We also provide window cleaning services to Doctors Offices, Dental Offices, Care Centers, Research Facilities, Veterinary Clinics, and other medical providers.

Hotel Window Cleaning

Port Columbus Internationoal Airport - clean windows with OSU and Flags

As a full service hotel window cleaning company we clean inside, outside, skylights, atriums, frames, screens, storm Windows, elevators, spanner glass, louvers & wall panels. We also provide additional services including changing light bulbs, high dusting, wall washing, hanging banners & signs, cleaning security cameras, and more. Our Danka lift can fit through a 36" door and extend up to 91 feet, so if we didn't mention it here, just ask.

Schools & Universities Window Cleaning

Photo by Richie Diesterheft (username: puroticorico) under common creative license from flickr (photgraph containing windows at Ohio Stadium in Columbus was resized to fit use of this website)

Our school and university cleaning services include colleges, public and private schools, day care, academic buildings, laboratories, libraries, student unions, fraternities & sororities, student housing, stadiums, cafeterias, athletic centers, natatoriums, and more.

Public Building Window Cleaning Service

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Libraries, museums, court houses, fire stations, schools. post offices, town halls, government buildings, monuments, arena's, retail centers, malls, art galleries.

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Let us help determine a window cleaning maintenance schedule to keep your property looking great at a reasonable rate.

Additional Services:

  • High dusting
  • Changing high light bulbs
  • Gas Lights
  • Light Fixtures
  • Street Lamps
  • Hanging banners & signs
  • Touch up painting
  • Caulking
  • Wall washing
  • Restringing flag poles
  • Cleaning security cameras
  • Power washing
  • Emergency service

We even patch woodpecker holes in stucco!

credits : Ohio Stadium photgraph taken in Columbus Ohio by Richie Diesterheft, Ohio State Library by Marada under Creative Commons License