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specialized knowledge, safety, flexible scheduling, supervision, and equipment

Construction Cleanup Window Cleaning

Columbus OH construction cleanup window cleaners

Hard Hats, Safety Glasses, Boots, Vests and Scrapers – We got ‘em and the windows cleaners with the knowledge to use them.

We are constantly improving our knowledge and training in this demanding field.  As members of the IWCA, Greater Columbus Safety Council and the Builders’ Exchange we avail ourselves of the constant changes in safety and technique. 

As required on most construction sites we maintain a Drug Free Workplace.  In addition our available on site supervisors hold Weekly Toolbox Meetings, keep MSDS for all cleaning supplies and chemicals on site and all Record Keeping – OSHA,  Prevailing Wage, etc is kept current and readily available for the construction manager. . Of course Worker’s Comp and Insurance certificates are up to date and supplied upon request.

Women Owned & Operated

Some of our previous construction cleanup projects are:

  • The Ohio State Stadium Renovation
  • Lazarus Building Renovation
  • Bank One Phase II
  • Austin Knowlton (OSU)
  • Kenyon Athletic Center
  • RPAC Recreational & Physical Activity Center (OSU)
  • Port Columbus Concourse C


No Construction clean up is too large or too small;

Interiors and exteriors, parking garages, skylights, curtain walls, stairwells, atriums, Alucobond and other metal panels, partitions, spanner and fritted glass. We also are able to utilize “green” cleaning products.

Our professionals know the importance of following schedules, and know how to coordinate and work with other skilled trades, construction management and safety personnel.
Please contact us for your next construction project bid. 


Architects, Planners and Building Owners!

We are available for pre construction consultation on window cleaning maintenance installations. Save time and money by planning for future building maintenance by making sure you have proper roof anchors and/or other means of access not only to clean windows, but for all exterior building maintenance.

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Additional Services:

  • High dusting
  • Changing high light bulbs
  • Gas Lights
  • Light Fixtures
  • Street Lamps
  • Hanging banners & signs
  • Touch up painting
  • Caulking
  • Wall washing
  • Restringing flag poles
  • Cleaning security cameras
  • Power washing
  • Emergency service

We even patch woodpecker holes in stucco!!