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High-Rise Building Window Cleaning

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The Emporis Standards Committee defines a High-Rise building as “a multi-storey structure between 35-100 meters tall (115 to 328 feet), or a building of unknown height from 12 to 39 floors”. Most architects, building engineers and the like consider a building 75 feet or taller a High Rise. A story is generally considered approximately 10 to 11 feet.

A couple of interesting facts: The Empire State Building in New York has 102 floors and is 1250 feet tall (with it’s antenna it is 1454 feet). The height of the Leveque Tower in Columbus is 555 ½ feet tall and has 47 floors above ground.

High-Rise work is usually done by accessing windows from the roof rappelling with a boson’s chair or using swing stage equipment (suspended scaffold). Some buildings are best served by using a lift from the ground. Often times it is a combination of two or more window cleaning methods on a single structure.

Weather and wind often play a large role in High-Rise cleaning. With many tall buildings located closely together the wind is funneled between them and great care has to be taken to make sure the conditions are right to chair or use swing stage.
It takes experience to decide the best way to clean a building. Can you drive on the sidewalk or the grass? Are there enough proper ties offs and roof anchors? Are there any architectural structures or obstacles that must be addressed? Can you safely avoid power lines and any other hazards? What kind of roofing? What is the condition of the building’s façade? Of the window glass? Do the building owners or managers have any specific concerns or requirements? Many, many things have to be considered before a true cost estimate can be provided.
We have that experience and the equipment to do most any job, but we also know when our equipment may not be the best solution and we know who to consult to get the equipment to perform the work safely and cost effectively. We will always do our best to make sure our customer receives the best service for their window cleaning budget.

Low to Mid-Rise

We can clean any size building from a single story Dentist’s Office,or a distribution warehouse, to a multi-story office complex

Globe Window Cleaning, Inc. can clean any size building from a single story Dentist’s Office,or a distribution warehouse, to a multi-story office complex. All the same concerns for a High-Rise must be addressed on the shorter structure. Just as much care and concern for property and safety must be observed. More ladder, lift and aerial tower work is common on smaller structures, again considering the environment and landscape around the building is very important. Even in the shorter buildings there are often two or more story atriums, this can present a special challenge. We are proud to say that we own a Denka 90’ Atrium lift which is quite useful in many of these areas. Our employees are also aware of the need to be quiet and unobtrusive when working inside lobby and reception areas and are careful and respectful when cleaning offices. Our workforce all wear plainly marked uniforms and carry a Globe Window Cleaning picture ID.

Our window cleaning equipment includes:

Proper equipment is a nessecity for safety in window cleaning as well doing a good job both for windows inside office buildings and outside. Whether it is a dental office, a law firm building or a high-rise we are committed to keeping our clients happy and our employees as well as any bystanders safe.
  • 55’ High Ranger Bucket Truck
  • Suspended Scaffold and Ground Steel
  • Rope & Boson’s Chair Rappelling Systems
  • Extension Poles
  • Ladders, aluminum and fiberglass to 40”
  • Lifts – 36’, 41’, 50’ and 90’


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Let us help determine a window cleaning maintenance schedule to keep your property looking great at a reasonable rate.

Additional Services:

  • High dusting
  • Changing high light bulbs
  • Gas Lights
  • Light Fixtures
  • Street Lamps
  • Hanging banners & signs
  • Touch up painting
  • Caulking
  • Wall washing
  • Restringing flag poles
  • Cleaning security cameras
  • Power washing
  • Emergency service

We even patch woodpecker holes in stucco!

credits : Ohio Stadium photgraph taken in Columbus Ohio by Richie Diesterheft, Ohio State Library by Marada under Creative Commons License