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Professional Window Washers

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On mid to high rise buildings when any type of decent system is needed i.e. boson’s chair, swing stage; much of the time (expense) in window cleaning is in the setting up and rigging. Starting with setting up safety cones, caution tape and men working or sidewalk closed signs. Next step may include carrying weights, roof rollers, equipment, and several hundred feet of rope to the roof, hopefully, on a working elevator. Of course care must be taken to properly tie off, make sure everything is secure and all safety equipment is in place before descending to clean a window. Then down to the ground cleaning windows on the way, on the ground adjusting the cones, tape etc, and if chairing, then back up to the roof, carrying boson’s chair, bucket etc, pull the rope back up, and retie as needed, recheck safety equipment, and then descend and clean more windows.

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Construction Window Cleaning


For construction cleaning there is an additional set of skills required. Window cleaners need to understand the use of scrapers and steel wool, different cleaning products, and how to NOT scratch the glass or the frames. On a post construction clean not only do professional window cleaners remove dirt, they also remove stickers, paint, caulk, mortar, concrete and other construction debris from both the glass and the frames. In addition, often Alucobond and other metal panels are the window cleaners’ responsibility on both construction and regular window cleaning jobs. In the process of cleaning they must also be on the watch for the possibility of fabricating debris, loose caulk, or any other issues that need to be reported to the owners or managers. Fabricating debris, which can be a problem with new tempered glass, is small abrasive particles sometimes left during the manufacturing process that can be dislodged and trapped by a scraper and scratch the surface. Of course all this has to be done with the utmost concern for safety and with care for all the new paint, flooring and other shiny new surfaces.

Professional window cleaners have mastered special techniques employing several tools including mops, poles and of course squeegees.  There are many types of squeegees, channels come in many sizes and types, handles have various degrees of angle, some swivel and there are several different metals used in their construction.   Every window cleaner has his favorite type of channel, handle and blade or “rubber” for a particular job.  These professionals take their job seriously; it is not as easy as it may look, especially if you are hanging from a couple of ropes 14 stories from the ground, or in a lift 90 or 100 feet up!

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Preventative Window Cleaning vs. Restoration

Windows that have not been cleaned for years may appear at first glance to merely have a light coating of dirt, not appear exceptionally grimy,  but often will not come clean with a regular window cleaning.  Windows can become permanently stained with mineral deposits and other contaminants from building runoff, water spots, pollution or other environmental sources.    Restoration which can be quite time consuming and costly does not always return windows to their original state.  It is usually more cost effective to maintain a regular preventative window cleaning program. Often we highly recommend sealing a building’s exterior and developing a regular window washing program.  Please remember too that any time a building is sealed the windows must be cleaned within a couple of weeks to prevent the sealant from adhering to the glass. We work with our customers to find the best solutions and schedule for their needs.

Professional Window Cleaners & Building Maintenance

Facility managers and building owners can also rely on the professional window cleaner to help them keep an eye on some exterior building maintenance issues.  Loose and cracked windows are an obvious problem that a window cleaner can report.  In addition roof problems, cracked or unsafe building facades, bird damage, loose caulk, and peeling paint may be seen and reported before they become a real problem.  We believe our job is not only to clean windows but to make sure your job is a little easier.

Some Common Concerns

Cobwebs – Your window cleaner has been out and cleaned the windows.  A few days later you check it out and there are webs, sometimes a lot of webs.  So your first instinct is to blame the workers who obviously didn’t do a good job, but that just might not be the problem.  Spiders can build a web in an amazingly short time.  Then if the lawn crew comes along and blows the grass off the sidewalks the webs are coated with dirt and grass and look like they have been there a long time.  So what you may think is an old dusty abandoned web, may just be a day or two old and what you need is an exterminator.  It is a good idea to schedule your exterminator and then have your windows cleaned soon after to keep things looking their best.

Birds – Another creature that can cause some pesky problems.  Pigeons are just messy.  Other birds build nests and roost on the eaves and in the gutters.  Woodpeckers can drill holes in wood and stucco.  Bird barrier products can be useful, but appropriate means of control vary with each situation.  Check with your window cleaning and maintenance people before installing any type of barrier, it may cause access or other problems.  Bird wire sometimes must be removed before each window cleaning and reinstalled after.  This can get costly.

Lawn Maintenance – As stated above blowing the grass off the sidewalks can really wreak havoc with the windows.  Try to have the landscapers blow debris away from the building and not to blow grass when wet.  It really sticks to the glass then dries and just makes the glass look bad.

Sprinklers – When the water from the sprinklers hit the glass it leaves spots and can cause lime deposits to build up.  It is really frustrating, too, to get the windows cleaned Monday and have the sprinklers go off Tuesday and all the ground floor glass gets spotted and again it just makes the glass look bad.  Try to make sure that sprinkler spray is always pointed away form the building.

Bushes and other vegetation – Any landscaping that touches or nearly touches the windows makes it difficult to clean those windows.  In addition all sorts of bugs have easy access and you may find your windows covered in little “dots”.  These have to be soaked and/or scraped off.  And then we have that we spider thing mentioned before.

You get a lot from a well trained professional window cleaner.

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Let us help determine a window cleaning maintenance schedule to keep your property looking great at a reasonable rate.


Additional Services:

  • High dusting
  • Changing high light bulbs
  • Gas Lights
  • Light Fixtures
  • Street Lamps
  • Hanging banners & signs
  • Touch up painting
  • Caulking
  • Wall washing
  • Restringing flag poles
  • Cleaning security cameras
  • Power washing
  • Emergency service

We even patch woodpecker holes in stucco!

We will work WITH you Scheduling, Billing, Pricing and Extra Services!!

If the weather is bad, can we still clean your windows? How will the windows look?

We are often asked if we clean windows in the winter, or what we do if it is raining:
Globe Window Cleaning provides consistent quality year-round service to our customers. Sometimes the weather here in Ohio does not make it easy.  But we have developed ways to clean windows except in the very worst of conditions.  Our employees use special gloves and antifreeze additives to their water in the winter and have mastered techniques for cleaning when it is rainy.   Windows are still professionally cleaned with long lasting results.  We stand behind the quality of our service no matter the weather.  We won’t show up to clean windows if we know we can’t do a professional job.  While it rarely happens, we will reschedule cleaning your windows if we know the weather will not allow us to perform up to standard.  You can rest assured that we will provide the same great service you are used to even if it may seem like the weather is going to make that impossible..

         We promise that if within a day after the weather has cleared up, the results aren’t up to standard, let us know, and we’ll come back and do a touch up clean at no extra charge.