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Columbus, Ohio Residential Window Cleaners

Condominium Associations, Homeowners, Residential window cleaning services

Condominium Associations & Apartment Building Managers

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Whether it is a single building or Multi-Association Group our trained professional window cleaners can handle the job.

Services you need – the entire building inside, outside, entrances, atriums, garages, elevators, pedestrian bridges, skylights or storm windows, screens, balcony glass, spanner glass and wall panels. Whatever combination meets your needs. We provide the supervision, manpower, equipment and expertise to get the job done with little disruption to the residents.

Please contact us for a quote for your building or association.  Check out our extra services, you may find we can be a great help with maintaining the appearance and safety of your building.

Each crew member wears a clearly marked Globe Window Cleaning uniform and carries company issued picture identification.

Fully insured for liability and workers’ compensation.

Home Owners & Residential Window Cleaning

Columbus Ohio Residential Home Window Cleaning Service

Do you need your Windows cleaned? Inside?  Outside? Skylights? Chandeliers cleaned? Fans dusted? Beams dusted? Mirrors cleaned? Light bulbs changed? Screens washed or dusted? Something high you just can’t reach? Just ask us while we are cleaning your windows and you won’t have to climb that ladder! We can bring the shine back to your windows, balcony glass, doors, skylights, sunrooms and patio rooms.

Our employees wear shoe covers and take care with your home and its furnishing.

For single homes or condominiums we have developed a system that lets the homeowner control the cost of their service.  We do not as a rule do estimates for residential cleaning, but charge by the hour.  Our service is $50.00 per hour per man.  The homeowner can then request whatever cleaning service they need:  just cleaning windows whether just outside or in and out, screens, dusting, mirrors, etc.  We do include in our pricing travel time from our shop which is located in west Columbus.  Call 614 586-1056 or email us for more information.

5% individual Condo or single family home senior discount!

Contact Window Cleaners:

Globe Window Cleaning, Inc.

(614) 586-1056 Phone

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4051 Business Park Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43204

Let us help determine a window cleaning maintenance schedule to keep your property looking great and your residents happy at a reasonable rate.

Additional Services:

  • High dusting
  • Changing high light bulbs
  • Gas Lights
  • Light Fixtures
  • Street Lamps
  • Hanging banners & signs
  • Touch up painting
  • Caulking
  • Wall washing
  • Restringing flag poles
  • Cleaning security cameras
  • Power washing
  • Emergency service

We even patch woodpecker holes in stucco!